We are a family company, professionally dealing with wide supply of Agriculture and Horticulture goods since 1999 in Raciborz, Poland. We have been associated with agriculture for as long as we can remember. As children growing up in the countryside, we were surrounded with people who spent their entire lives caring for their land, putting a lot of effort and work into its cultivation. Our advantage is qualified team serving professional and reliable up to date advice concerning cultivation method, seed variety choice, nutrition, crop protection, spray application and more.

With the values and knowledge that we learned from our home region, we wanted to meet the needs of modern Agriculture and Horticulture. We are constantly expanding our assortment, and our offer includes: crop protection products, fertilisers and microelements, fodder and feed additives, seeds, coal, garden tools, and materials for hobbyists. We also offer a service of repairing and crimping hydraulic hoses.

Anna Borecka, Bartosz Borecki and Agro Oaza Crew